We build barns! Call them pole barns, post frame buildings, workshops, garages, Ag barns, horse barns, commercial warehouse whatever you like we build barns for all uses and all types of customers. BCI specializes in post frame construction; all of our machinery, inventory and employees are committed to providing value to our customers.

Types of Barns

Workshops – Some call these Hobby Shops or Toy Barns. The average size is 24×30 or smaller, usually with one walk door and one drive door. A shed can be added off of one or both sides for a sitting area.

Residential Garages – This barn is a little larger than a workshop for parking personal vehicles and bigger “toys.” The smallest recommended size is 24×24, which is just enough room for one car and some storage. The number of doors and their placement depends on driveway access. Overhangs and guttering is a popular option for this type of barn to “dress” it up and with our 19 colors of metal available you can easily match the exterior of your garage to your house.

Agricultural Barns – Ag Barns come in all sizes but the most common is a 30×50. The size you need depends on what you will keep in the barn. For example; a goat barn can be smaller than a hay barn, if you are feeding livestock an open front or roof only shed can be added down one or both sides, the type and amount of equipment housed in the building greatly affects the size of barn you need.

Horse Barns – Horse barns also come in all sizes, the most common being 36×48, with poles on 12’ centers to accommodate a 12×12 horse stall. The size you need depends on the number of horses, if you want a tack room, and how much feed and hay storage you will want in your barn. Two drive- thru doors, one at each gable end is recommended if you plan on driving through your barn with a trailer. The height of your barn will depend on the height of the horse trailer. BCI offers Dutch doors, 4’ sliding doors, and complete stall packages to finish your horse barn beautifully and economically.

Raised Center Aisle Barns (RCA) – Our Raised Center Aisle Barn is available with the center section from 12’ to 40’ wide and up to 15 1/2’ from dirt floor to the bottom of the trusses. The sheds can extend another 11’ to 15’ on each side and can be enclosed or left open. The drop from the eave of the raised center aisle to the top of the shed can be 18” to 36” (if the drop is 36” you will lose more clearance in the shed area). Horse enthusiasts love this barn because no center posts need to be added for the stalls. However, because this is not a free span barn there are some limitations on the clearance of sliding doors.

Commercial Buildings – BCI encourages all architects and engineers to consider specifying wood post frame construction on commercial buildings. The outstanding structural performance of post frame in adverse environmental conditions is well documented. Our nail laminated columns or solid posts embedded in the ground provide a stable load path directly into the ground. Using post frame construction as a structural framing system allows numerous wall, ceiling, and floor finishes. We offer all sizes of commercial buildings, up to 60’ wide and any length.

Storage Barns – These buildings can be any shape and size, from 22×30 on up. Most customers just have a drive in door and a walk door installed to save storage room down the walls of the building. The best way to determine the size you need-make a list of what you will store, allocate square footage to each of those items, and then add 10%. For example if you come up with 1200 square feet (a 30×40 building) a 30×50 will meet your immediate and future storage needs.

Custom Barns – We consider a custom barn to be a barn that doesn’t look like your normal “box”. Twenty feet open, then twenty feet enclosed, twenty feet with only one side wall, etc. If you feel that your barn can’t be described over the phone, please feel free to sketch it out (click here to download graph paper) and fax the drawing to 1-866-224-4476. Please remember to put your name, address and daytime phone number so we can contact you for further information.